Atelier Lucia holds Tole and Decorative paint class and Dog and Cat paint class.
    In Tole and Decorative paint class, we mainly teach foreign painter’s work.
    In Dog and Cat paint class, we coach carefully from design to complete.
    If you have any question, please inquiry by e-mail or phone.

      ●School schedule
         Monday - Saturday ①9:30 ~ 12:30
                    ②13:00 ~ 16:00
               1Day    9:30 ~ 16:00
      ●Seminar fee
         Half day  \ 2.500 ~ \ 3.500
          1Day     \ 5.000 ~ \ 7.000
              (Material and paint costs are not included.)

          Parking available.

  We provide an individually-targeted teaching by
  small class. But the class is not formal.
  Students enjoy painting with cozy chat!

  We always have a cup of tea after the class!
  We enjoy chatting and spend elegant time.
  Our second daughter Sally might join the talk