Makiko Neriki

    I myself love animals and have lived with them
    since I was a child. Now I have one dog as my
    family, and love her so much. However, we had
    another dog in the past. Her name is Lucy. When
    I lost Lucy, I struggled with pet loss.
    At that time, I decided to draw a portrait of Lucy.
    I had many photos but I felt “I want to give a lot
    of love to her by my hand like before.” When I
    saw the finished portrait, Lucy was looking at me
    like before. I felt “Lucy lives in this portrait and in
    my heart.” And I could recover from pet loss.
    I started to draw portrait with a hope that it will
    be some help to people who are suffering with pet
    loss like me. Of course, I am drawing to make
    everyone happy.
    I gaze the photo sent from the customer, and
    enjoy drawing thinking about the dog’s


  1996    Come across tole and decorative paint
         Learn painting in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.
         AHA Tole and Decorative Painting Professer Diploma
         AHA Neoseramu Painting Professer Diploma
         AHA JDPA Member   SDP(米) Member
  2001    Establish Atelier Lucia. Start teaching paint.
  2005    Attend Convention, Seminar in USA.
  2012    Start Dog and Cat paint order in Atelier Lucia.

  Up to the present



  She is my oldest daughter Lucy.
  She was elegant and bright.
  But also was a little cheeky and mischievous girl.

  Atelier Lucia is named from Lucy.
  In a Northern European tale,
  an angel named Lucia trick to people sleeping at night.
  I thought this tale and Lucy’s image match exactly,
  and decided to name her Lucy.
  She is my house’s mascot dog forever!



This is my second daughter Sally.
She is the mascot dog of Atelier Lucia.
She is always cheerful and energetic cute girl.
However, her appetite is a little too large.
She might help the class together??